The Tax Trouble of Duane Chapman

Duane Chapman may be known as Dog the Bounty Hunter. However, with regard to his taxes, he’s the hunted.

This real-life bounty hunter, capturing fugitives on the run and making them appear in court as ordered, has had a dozen run-ins with the IRS. He had tax liens for 1993, 1994, and 2004, as well as back taxes of nearly $2 million between 2002 and 2005. TMZ went ahead and said his back taxes is the equivalent of “750,000 cans of Alpo.”

His accountant argued, though, that the information wasn’t entirely current at the time. For instance, tax liens don’t just disappear the moment you file and pay your taxes. While the IRS will begin the release process following the filing and payment, it would take 30 days to remove the lien entirely. It also usually takes six to eight weeks for the IRS to receive the payment.

As a result, the changes won’t reflect right away in the IRS’s records. Fortunately, Chapman’s tax tussle didn’t result in a lawsuit. If that happened, he, like any other person, would have needed the help of a good IRS tax attorney to settle matters in a lawful, non-violent manner. Nobody is entirely exempted from paying taxes, not even those who work for the law.


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