Representation: Your Legal Right as a Taxpayer

There is nothing worse than having the IRS or another taxing agency hound you because of a tax debt. As a taxpayer, though, you need to be aware that you have the right to consult a tax lawyer.

Arguably, no other professional will know and understand what you’re going through better than a tax lawyer. Whether you face a federal tax lien, a payroll tax liability, or an IRS audit, a tax lawyer will not only help you minimize the debt amount you owe but also reduce the burden of having to deal with tax agencies on a daily basis.

A tax lawyer can help you in virtually every aspect of your tax case. For instance, if you or your company faces a tax audit, your tax attorney can represent you at that audit, or in any appeal stemming from that audit. Furthermore, your tax attorney can represent you in any type of Tax Court, whether it’s the Court of Federal Claims, the District Court, or Bankruptcy Court.

Facing abatement of tax penalties, wrongful levy actions, summons enforcement actions, or a wrongful disclosure suit? You might want to look for a tax lawyer who can provide help in these areas.


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