Back Taxes and the Power of Negotiation

The IRS is not as heartless as most people believe them to be. With the help of a tax attorney, you can negotiate with the IRS to lower the amount you owe. You pay less and the IRS receives payment; everyone walks away a winner.

Of course, there are certain conditions that must be met before you attempt to negotiate with the IRS, so be sure to consult with a tax attorney first. By explaining your situation, you may be able to negotiate any of the following payment plans:

Installment Agreements

There will be times when the amount you owe the IRS is manageable, but your situation prevents you from paying the sum all at once. In such circumstances, the IRS is more than willing to help you out through an installment payment plan.

Offer in Compromise

When the amount you owe the IRS is simply too much, the IRS would prefer to collect only a fraction of it rather than not be paid at all. An Offer in Compromise is an agreement between you and the IRS to pay a reduced amount (as long as you’re eligible). After this, your delinquency status is wiped clean.

Penalty Abatement

Sometimes, interest rates and penalties are the reasons why you owe the IRS an exorbitant amount of money. Take note, however, that the Internal Revenue Code allows the abatement of penalties and interest if you have a justifiable cause, including unemployment, theft, etc.


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