Meeting IRS Auditors: Useful Tips to Remember

Meeting with an IRS auditor is a stressful, but necessary, experience if you are being charged for failure to pay back taxes or any other similar offense. It’s important that this meeting finish without a hitch, as your auditor will determine whether you are fully cooperating, and if the IRS will be willing to conduct negotiations.

Of course, that fact stresses a lot of people out, affecting their ability to effectively communicate with the auditor. Do not let this happen to you. Stay calm and keep the following tips in mind:

Request to meet in a neutral venue

Speaking to the auditor in their office can easily add more unwanted stress on your already-burdened shoulders. When setting your interview with the auditor, request that you meet in a neutral venue. More often than not, IRS auditors will agree to this request.

Obtain all necessary documents

You will want to prepare any documents that back up what you tell the auditor beforehand. As soon as the auditor confirms your meeting, start searching for your documents. This should give you enough time to request for another copy of any missing documents.

Have your tax lawyer do all the talking

When you speak to the auditor yourself, he or she will assume you have full knowledge of the Internal Revenue Code. If you come unprepared, you torpedo your chances of negotiating favorable conditions later on. It’s best to ask a tax lawyer to represent you and speak to the auditor on your behalf.


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