Tax Issues and Tax Lawyers

Tax problems can really make your life difficult. It can lead to loss of time and money, frustration, and even jail time. Due to these, it’s a big mistake to ignore any tax problem. You must take action in resolving the problem. For that, legal guidance from a tax lawyer is valuable.

Act Immediately

As soon as you become aware of a tax problem, you must act immediately. The longer you delay, the worse your odds get. If you think the IRS committed a violation against you and you want to sue the IRS, you generally have two years from the date of violation. In case you want to appeal a tax audit, you have 30 days from the date listed in the appeals letter, which you will receive after you express disagreement with the audit report.

Hiring a Lawyer

When you get a tax lawyer, you must explain your situation in detail. From there, an experienced tax lawyer will be able to assess your case and advice you on the steps to take. Whether it’s about settlement of back taxes, filing a complaint against the IRS, appealing an audit, or any other kind of tax issue, the resolution process can get really complex. So, make sure to hire a lawyer with substantial experience and particularly practices on tax laws.



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