Wage Garnishment: Unpaid Student Loans

You’d think that once you graduate from school, there’ll be nothing to hold you back from pursuing your dreams. Unpaid student loans will prove you wrong, however. You can ignore it all you want, but your debt will eventually catch up with you years later. When you’re already earning some decent dough in a legit job, the IRS can just waltz in and take a whopping 15 percent from your paycheck to pay for it. By then, it’s already too late and too much to ignore.

Avoiding Wage Garnishment

The most logical way to avoid wage garnishments is to keep up with your payments. If you stop paying for a while, your debt problem is liable to pile up until it catches the attention of the IRS. If you are having trouble paying off your loan, you have a few options to adjust it so you can get some breathing room. Being laid-off won’t keep the IRS at bay either, and will just lead to your accounts getting frozen.

Wage Garnishment Help

If you’re already in too deep in wage garnishment, you should get help from a tax expert—and fast. Together, you can come up with ways to resolve the problem. Slowly but surely, you can pay off your debt through a tax resolution service. Once you find a suitable payment plan, stick to it to avoid further problems with the IRS.



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