Denver taxpayer advocate Douglas Bruce’s conviction upheld in court.

Back in 2011, Denver policy maker Douglas Bruce, a man who spent two decades as a taxpayer advocate, faced a trail that left him with a six month jail term for a myriad of charges, including tax evasion, filing a false tax return, attempting to influence a public servant, and failure to file a return or pay taxes. Recently a three-judge panel with the Colorado Court of Appeals upheld those convictions, declining Bruce’s request to overturn his past conviction.

Bruce, before his conviction, was best known for authoring the voter-approved Colorado’s Taxpayer’s Bill or Rights which limits how much tax revenue the government can keep, and requires voter-approval for taxes. During the 2011 proceedings, just before he was convicted of the aforementioned crimes, Bruce was quoted as saying “This was the dirtiest trial I have seen in 38 years, regardless of the outcome.”


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