When Do You Need a Tax Lawyer?

The tax code in the United States is complicated and ever-changing, and those who run afoul of the IRS can feel like the world is falling down on them. It pays to have a tax lawyer on your side who understands all of the loopholes and work-arounds in the tax code to help you minimize your tax burden. Below are a few reasons why it makes sense to reach out to a tax lawyer the next time you need some help.

Hiring a tax lawyer saves you time and it saves you stress. Learning about tax law once the IRS is investigating you are your company does not make sense. A tax lawyer can review your files and records and see if there are areas that you can improve your processes to avoid potential suits. If the IRS has already come calling, they can offer a strategy to minimize the impact.

Before you create your business, you can consult with a tax attorney to discuss the various pros and cons of the different types of business forms that exist under the tax code. A tax lawyer can also help you set up your accounting system to make sure that your business complies with both state and federal statutes.

Whether you are looking to start your business or you need help filing your state and federal return for the next tax season, you will discover that a tax lawyer is a smart investment for today’s busy business owners.


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