Hiring a Tax Lawyer

The IRS is one of the most powerful governmental agencies in the world, and as such it can strike fear in the hearts of those who owe them money. The IRS has the power to seize assets, garnish wages, and levy bank accounts, powers that creditors such as credit card companies simply don’t have. This means that if the IRS sets its sights on you, you need real professional help.

Tax Lawyers versus Other Professionals

Many people choose to hire tax settlement firms staffed by IRS-Enrolled tax agents, when faced with IRS collection efforts. Others rely on CPAs to represent them before the IRS. Hiring a qualified tax lawyer instead of another tax professional, however, has several advantages. Retaining an attorney instead of using a CPA or tax agent means that any communications to your lawyer are protected by attorney-client privilege, a benefit not afforded to those represented by other professionals.

Another major issue is expertise. CPAs are essentially accountants and tax agents are specialists in procedures, but tax attorneys are experts in tax law which changes constantly. In addition, tax lawyers are able to litigate on your behalf, which CPAs and Enrolled Agents cannot do.

Choosing the Right Lawyer

Getting the IRS to work with you is no small feat. They accept a very small percentage of tax settlement offers, and it takes the skill of a competent attorney to secure an acceptance from the IRS. Hire a lawyer or firm with a reputation for treating its customers ethically and which is known for getting results.


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