Compelling Reasons Why You Need a Tax Lawyer

If you are the subject of an IRS audit or a full-blown IRS investigation, you should seriously consider a tax lawyer to help you successfully defend yourself or your corporation against the Internal Revenue Service. Denver-based professionals and residents should not interact with the IRS or provide them with documents until they have had a chance to interact with professionally trained and educated tax lawyers. If you reach out to a lawyer, you will not need to worry about the IRS showing up unexpectedly at your home or office since your lawyer will let them know that you are actively working to resolve any perceived issues.

A tax lawyer can also negotiate settlements that may be able to get you out of penalty payments or fees that are associated with mistakes on your tax return. Lawyers are trained in tax law, and they understand that the IRS does not want to get bogged down in a time-consuming investigation and lawsuit. Your lawyer will work with you to develop a strategy that minimizes your tax burden.

Tax lawyers may also be able to help you avoid a freeze on your assets. The IRS may garnish up to 90% of your wages, but a good negotiator will work with the IRS personnel to explain that this is not the best course of action to remedy your tax problems. An experienced lawyer is not intimidated by the IRS, and they can help you make prudent decisions throughout an IRS audit.


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