Stop the IRS From Garnishing Your Wages

If you are worried about the Internal Revenue Service robbing you of your livelihood with wage garnishment, you may want to reach out to a lawyer who can represent you in front of the IRS. The IRS is notorious for getting the money that the United States government is due, but lawyers can help you throughout the wage garnishment process. If you cannot pay the IRS in full when an official decision is made, you may be able to negotiate an installment agreement or come to some type of negotiated settlement.

Experience IRS lawyers know what buzzwords and actions are import to the Internal Revenue Service, and they can come up with win-win agreements that will be mutually beneficial. An attorney may be able to come to an accord with the IRS that allows you to establish the terms and conditions for your back taxes. This saves you from the embarrassment that a wage garnishment can cause at the office as your company’s human resources staff has to notify you that a portion of your paycheck is being withheld.

Lawyers may also be able to eliminate a large portion of your debt by settling to a negotiated offer in compromise. These agreements can be difficult to qualify for, but tax lawyers are highly trained in this area, and they can let you know if you qualify. Those that do qualify are able to significantly lower the amount of money that they have to pay the IRS, and they avoid garnishment.


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