IRS and Your Back Taxes

Over the recent years, the IRS has become more lenient when it comes to how payment for tax dues are handled. This is proven by the rollout of the Fresh Start program back in 2011 which aimed to make it easier for taxpayers to settle whatever tax dues they have. Some of the changes that this program has done include increasing the threshold for when the liens would be imposed, installment and compromise agreements, and easier IRS tax liens withdrawals.

Dealing With Back Taxes

When it comes to taxes, the first thing that you have to keep in mind is that even if you are not able to make the payment, you need to make sure that you file your returns. This allows you to lessen penalties and fines.

Keep in mind that the IRS would not be on your tail immediately if you are late on your tax payments by a few days. You would mostly receive computer-generated notices only at first. That being the case, you should use this time to settle whatever amount you can.

If you are way behind in your taxes and you are already at the receiving end of aggressive collection from the IRS, the best thing to do would be to get in touch with an IRS tax attorney. He would be able to provide you with the best way to answer the notices. This is also the best time to check with the IRS if you can avail of installment or compromise programs. Once you are allowed to pay in installment, make sure that you stick to your schedule.


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