Is Hiring an IRS Tax Lawyer Worth It?

Letters from the IRS are coming in and your stress level is through the roof. You really would like to hire an IRS tax lawyer to give you peace of mind that your best interests are being addressed with the IRS but you don’t know if it’s worth it.

Keep in mind that a reputable tax lawyer cannot make any promises or guarantees about saving you thousands of dollars. The IRS has their regulations and you owe the money.

A good tax lawyer, however, can listen to your unique circumstances, advise you of the solutions available and negotiate on your behalf with the IRS, ensuring you get the best settlement possible. The peace of mind that comes with that representation is invaluable.

How Much Do You Owe in Back Taxes?

If you owe a small amount in back taxes (under $10,000), or can afford to pay the taxes owed in full, it is probably not in your best interest to hire an IRS tax lawyer.

How Much Will the Tax Lawyer Charge?

Because every tax problem is different, a trustworthy tax lawyer will not quote a price without first giving you a free consultation. They should ask plenty of questions. Be honest and forthright with them. That session will help them to determine the extent of services they need to provide and the rate they will charge.

Once you have a full disclosure of all legal fees and costs you can expect, weigh that cost against what you owe to the IRS. Everyone must determine their own definition of affordable, but often the comfort of knowing you have a professional on your side is worth the cost.



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