Consider 2 Factors in Hiring San Diego Tax Lawyer

Dealing with the Internal Revenue Service can cause a lot of headaches. There are many requirements to fulfil, laws to understand, and even technical terms you need to know. This is why it’s essential to get a tax lawyer in San Diego to help you through the process. This way, you have someone, who understands how the tax sector works, to deal with the IRS for you.

Your lawyer can also give you advice on the best step to take to successfully address your tax problem – may it be tax debt, levy, garnishment, or others. However, finding a lawyer might be hard as well, given the number of law firms out there. In order to hire the best lawyer for you, remember to consider these two factors:

  1. License

Only licensed tax lawyers can legally practice. So, the first thing to do when looking for lawyers is to check. You may also want to see their academic background, because there are tax lawyers who also have a Master of Laws in taxation. Some tax lawyers are certified public accountants as well. These makes them more qualified for the task at hand.

  1. Experience

Having a license is not enough as experience is as important as well. Before hiring a tax lawyer, see if he or she has the track record in handling the same case as yours. This way, you can determine whether that lawyer has the skills and capabilities to get you through it successfully.

Keeping these two factors in mind will help you find the best tax lawyer for you. So, before signing a contract, ask your potential lawyers about these aspects.


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