Denver Tax Lawyer Asks if You Feel Safe From Identity Theft

Do you believe that you are safe from your identity being stolen? A whopping 63 percent of Americans are confident that it could never even happen to them! In reality, the likelihood that identity theft could happen to you is higher than you would think. And when it happens, will you know what to do? Hopefully you’re safe, but fortunately there is a Denver tax lawyer who has the knowledge to help out if it does occur.

Locks and passwords

Security company, IDT911, created a survey that found that people aren’t as worried this year about their taxes being invaded by thieves – and while it’s good for people to feel safe, it’s not good for people to let their guards down to the possibility of identity theft. One statistic even shows that 19 percent (admittedly) don’t have a password protected Wi-Fi network – and this is coming from people who are possibly filing their taxes online.


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