Consider 2 Factors in Hiring San Diego Tax Lawyer

Dealing with the Internal Revenue Service can cause a lot of headaches. There are many requirements to fulfil, laws to understand, and even technical terms you need to know. This is why it’s essential to get a tax lawyer in San Diego to help you through the process. This way, you have someone, who understands how the tax sector works, to deal with the IRS for you.

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The Tax Professional You Need for IRS Troubles

While it’s true that there are people who do their own taxes, they are the exception and not the rule. The taxation system in the US is very complex. There is no shame in requiring help from a tax professional, especially if there are discrepancies in your records and you run into trouble with the Internal Revenue Services. But what kind of tax professional do you need? Continue reading

The IRS Fresh Start Program Explained

Can you confidently say that you’ve got no worries about someone suddenly pounding on your door one day, only to find that it’s none other than an IRS agent coming to collect the amount that you still apparently owe?

It’s a scary possibility, alright, but actually, it doesn’t have to be. Not when the IRS has the Fresh Start Program is in place to help taxpayers with back pays, and especially not when you have an IRS tax attorney guiding you throughout the entire process.

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Getting an IRS Offer in Compromise

If you owe back taxes, the IRS Offer in Compromise (OIC) program may be a solution. The OIC program allows qualified individuals to negotiate to pay less than what they owe to settle a tax debt.

While the IRS provides forms that you can fill out on your own, you can benefit from working with a qualified tax attorney if you want to negotiate a settlement through the Offer in Compromise program.
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