Is Hiring an IRS Tax Lawyer Worth It?

Letters from the IRS are coming in and your stress level is through the roof. You really would like to hire an IRS tax lawyer to give you peace of mind that your best interests are being addressed with the IRS but you don’t know if it’s worth it.
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Information Regarding IRS Wage Garnishments

When you file your taxes instead of earning a refund, you may owe the IRS. Unlike other sources, the IRS does not have to win a judgement to garnish your wages, they are only required to contact you first and inform you. There are ways to pay the IRS before experiencing a wage garnishment, such as sending them a check for the full amount, or setting up a payment plan.

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Three Times You Need to Hire an IRS Tax Lawyer

A letter from the IRS spurs panic within the hearts of most Americans. No one wants to deal with red tape, long waits, and confusing jargon only to be told they owe back taxes they can’t pay.

It is hard to know, however, when it makes sense to hire a tax lawyer rather than just bite the bullet and do it yourself. Here are three times it is best to hire a tax lawyer.
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Let a Tax Lawyer Help You

If you are in trouble with the IRS and you are in danger of losing your San Diego business or your home, you should reach out to a tax lawyer in order to handle your dealings with the Internal Revenue Service. Tax attorneys can help you solve your tax debt problems, and they have the experience to deal with IRS investigators. A tax debt is a serious problem that could negatively impact your financial future if you do not deal with it in the right manner.
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