Denver Tax Attorney Tells When to Fix Your Taxes After Filing

We all make mistakes

You just filed your taxes and then it hits you – you made a mistake! You had looked your work over multiple times before filing, but now you find the error. While your instincts may be to go into panic mode, Denver tax attorney says you can relax because people do this more common than not. There is an option to amend your taxes for a reason. But sometimes a mistake is so minuscule you don’t even have to. So when is it appropriate to amend your taxes?

When not to amend

Perhaps you filled out the wrong form, which could mean you will owe more money or maybe you forgot to deduct something big from your taxes meaning your refund will be much smaller. In these situations, Denver tax lawyer -Tax Tiger, would highly recommend you amend. But if you happen to make a slight mathematical miscalculation, the Internal Revenue Service is likely to correct those mistakes for you.


Denver Tax Lawyer Asks if You Feel Safe From Identity Theft

Do you believe that you are safe from your identity being stolen? A whopping 63 percent of Americans are confident that it could never even happen to them! In reality, the likelihood that identity theft could happen to you is higher than you would think. And when it happens, will you know what to do? Hopefully you’re safe, but fortunately there is a Denver tax lawyer who has the knowledge to help out if it does occur.

Locks and passwords

Security company, IDT911, created a survey that found that people aren’t as worried this year about their taxes being invaded by thieves – and while it’s good for people to feel safe, it’s not good for people to let their guards down to the possibility of identity theft. One statistic even shows that 19 percent (admittedly) don’t have a password protected Wi-Fi network – and this is coming from people who are possibly filing their taxes online.

Denver Tax Attorney Advice Regarding the Newly Married

Getting married is a beautiful celebration that is all about the love you have for your other half. But while it is a time of joy and love – it takes tedious legal documents and paperwork to be officially married at this day in age. The Internal Revenue Service recognizes this – so filing a tax return just got a little more complicated for those newlyweds. By hiring a tax attorney in Denver, your tax return doesn’t have to feel so complicated. But with the tax season quickly approaching, you can take it into your own hands to prepare your recent marriage tax return by following this advice:

Change your social security
• If you or your spouse decide to change either last name in the marriage, it is important that you go to the Social Security Office in your area and get the name officially changed. Once that is complete – you are ready to file your taxes with the new name.

Common Mistakes Denver Tax Attorney Says to Avoid

No one means to make a mistake when completing their tax return – but that doesn’t mean mistakes don’t happen. No matter how much you try, the chances of you making a mistake are high. It’s not your fault of course – you don’t specialize in IRS tax preparation. With the help from someone who does, such as a Denver tax attorney, those mistakes will cease to exist on your tax return.

In order to prevent some innocent yet detrimental mistakes, take a look at some common mishaps below.

1. Is that really our social security number?

You would be surprised how many people put their social security number incorrectly on their tax return.

Denver Tax Lawyer for IRS Relief

It doesn’t matter why or how you got into any sort of tax trouble in the first place; the important thing now is finding a way to clean it up. The phone calls and letters need to stop, and you need to stop worrying about someone putting a tax lien on your home or property, or possibly even having rights to your tax refund at the end of the year. You work hard for your money and have enough things to worry about without the IRS breathing down your neck. Whatever the reason may be, you have now found yourself in a situation regarding the IRS. It is time to contact someone who can help you out. It’s time to contact a professional Denver tax attorney.

The tax attorney profession is a very specific one that many people don’t typically or immediately think of. However, tax attorneys can provide a lot of help at the right time. Not only do you have someone on your side who can help with the law portion of your current situation.

Denver taxpayer advocate Douglas Bruce’s conviction upheld in court.

Back in 2011, Denver policy maker Douglas Bruce, a man who spent two decades as a taxpayer advocate, faced a trail that left him with a six month jail term for a myriad of charges, including tax evasion, filing a false tax return, attempting to influence a public servant, and failure to file a return or pay taxes. Recently a three-judge panel with the Colorado Court of Appeals upheld those convictions, declining Bruce’s request to overturn his past conviction.

Bruce, before his conviction, was best known for authoring the voter-approved Colorado’s Taxpayer’s Bill or Rights which limits how much tax revenue the government can keep, and requires voter-approval for taxes. During the 2011 proceedings, just before he was convicted of the aforementioned crimes, Bruce was quoted as saying “This was the dirtiest trial I have seen in 38 years, regardless of the outcome.”

Tax preparers make mistakes, get a Denver tax attorney very soon.

The one thing that you’re never going to want to forget, is that we are all human. And as invincible as we sometimes we believe we are, the simple fact is, is that we all make mistakes. Yes, we ALL make them, even tax preparers. The problem with that, is when a tax preparer misses something, it literally cost you!