San Diego Tax Lawyer Has Pointers for Tipped Workers

Are you someone who works in a restaurant as a bartender or a server? Maybe you deliver pizza, give people massages, or drive a taxi for a living. What do all of these completely different jobs have in common? They all receive tips. And with receiving tips comes a different kind of tax situation than if you were to not receive tips according to San Diego tax lawyer, Tax Tiger.

The basics

Basically the following happens:

1. Keep track of your tips
2. Report your tips to your employer
3. Your employer includes those tips into your income through the payroll processing system
4. Your W-2 will show this reported tip in Box 8

It’s as simple as that! But there are a few extra bits of information you may want to be aware of.

Here are a few pointers when it comes to your taxes:

Don’t make that much in tips but still make tips? Don’t worry about reporting how much you make in tips to your employer if it’s less than $20 a month.


San Diego Tax Lawyer Warns About Top Tax Scams of 2016

It can feel scary to put your information out into the world, even when you it’s on an IRS form. And when it comes to your taxes, there are scams out there that want to trick you in order to steal your money. According to the Internal Revenue Service Commissioner John Koskinen stated, “We are working hard to protect taxpayers from identity theft and other scams this filing season. We urge taxpayers to help protect themselves from scams – old and new.” San Diego tax lawyer, Tax Tiger, really wants to make sure you avoid these scams like the plague so we’ve taken 6 big ones that are coming around that the IRS is specifically warning you about.

Moving Tax Tips from San Diego Tax Lawyer

Sometimes our work means so much to us that we will move away from our present nest just to be closer to it. If you have been considering a job change that is farther away from you, then you may have the opportunity to deduct the costs of your move! And because moving is alone already very overwhelming, just know that there is a San Diego tax lawyer that can help you sort through your moving tax concerns.

Are you sure you are eligible?

In order to make sure you are eligible, follow these simple guidelines:
• Make sure to get the work lined up and ready for you before you move.

San Diego Tax Lawyer to the Rescue!

Every year you are legally obligated to file your taxes. That doesn’t mean it is a job that everyone has the patience to do. Filing your own taxes can be quite a laborious project to complete by yourself. While it may feel like a successful accomplishment to finally file them – that doesn’t mean it’s over. You could have made some mistakes and without professional guidance, you may have an audit in store for you – which isn’t uncommon. The audits can take up a lot of your time and money. Instead of taking the chances of making an error, hire a San Diego tax lawyer to help you with the process.

Why would you be better off hiring a tax lawyer in San Diego than doing those grueling taxes by yourself?

Here are a few reasons:

First off – These tax attorneys are professionals. They educate themselves on new tax laws and work with tax paperwork all the time.

San Diego Tax Lawyer Assistance

When it comes to tax debt relief, there certainly are a lot of reasons that problems could arise. In fact, even more people are starting to find themselves in trouble with the IRS due to the complicated system. Others who find out what their problems are can sometimes find it even more difficult when it comes time to get the problem resolved. As the tax world becomes more and more complicated, it becomes more necessary than ever to have an expert like a San Diego tax lawyer on your side to get the problems solved.

Tax liens can also be scary. Getting letters from the IRS with terminology you don’t understand is just daunting. Just thinking about trying to get Pile of billsahold of someone in a government position could be a nightmare. Not only are all of these scenarios potentially psychologically damaging, they can also be easy to avoid and put out of our minds, when we don’t want to deal with them.

San Diego tax lawyers can help with past taxes caused by a divorce.

There is nothing more emotionally or financially crippling than a divorce. Handling all of the issues that go along with a separation or divorce are pretty tough. Keeping the correct mindset can sometimes be more than you think you can deal with. It’s important to try and take a step back and make sure you are able to keep up with any loose financial issues in case the situation gets too bad. If you’re able, try to get everything in writing regarding any joint accounts or financial issues you might have with your ex-spouse. Here are a few things to think about if you happen to be in this situation.

Tax resolution services in San Diego, CA advise you to stop hiding!

Sometimes time gets the best of us. Those things we didn’t mean to put of, we put off. And those issues that we put on the back burner don’t really come up…until we smell them burning. The IRS is one of those agencies that will let you know when it’s time to deal with them. As much as we’d all love to put them off, they just won’t allow it. I mean, you can put them off, but it’s going to cost you. The best option is still to file a return even if you don’t have the cash to pay.

“The amount you owe will only grow larger if you procrastinate,” says Mary Kay Foss, an accountant with .