IRS Tax Lawyers Say Follow 3 Steps When Tax Planning

In order to not worry about your taxes anymore – sometimes you just have to sit down and get them done. We understand that’s easier said than done, but there is nothing worse than procrastinating on your taxes. By not planning, you risk making mistakes and potentially owing money to the Internal Revenue Service. Here are a few tips that IRS tax lawyers suggest you do in order to not fall behind on your taxes:

Get organized

This should be obvious. If you are poorly organized, then finding tax documents is going to be a big hassle. And if you can’t find certain documents, how are you supposed to have proof of certain deductions? Getting organized is going to be your best friend during the tax filing process. So keep your records and receipts all in one spot so when tax season comes, you know exactly where to find everything.


Should You File Jointly? IRS Tax Attorneys Say It Depends

Getting married means you get to share almost everything with your spouse – your life, a home, food, bills, and more. But one thing you don’t have to share is your tax return. The truth is, it just depends on your preference on if you would rather file jointly or alone, but an IRS tax lawyer can help you figure out what is best for your situation. There are only 5 percent of people who are married that file taxes separately according to the Internal Revenue Service. It’s odd that this percentage is so low when in actuality it may be more beneficial for you both to file separately. Certified Public Accountant, Joseph Boyce stated, “ About 95 percent of married people are better off filing jointly. It’s a lower tax rate. Married filing separately is actually the highest tax rate.”

IRS Tax Attorney Talks Potential Tax Season Postponement

At the beginning of the New Year, it is completely normal and even recommended to start getting ready for the upcoming tax season. And let’s face it – taxes aren’t the easiest of endeavors. There may be confusing questions you have, personal information you aren’t sure of, issues with the IRS you need to get solved quickly, and other obstructions in your path. This is pretty common with a lot of people, and getting in touch with the Internal Revenue Service isn’t that easy to do and get your problems worked out. But since 2010 there has been over 15,000 full-time employees that have been laid off as well as a implementing budget cuts. Due to these changes, there has been Cutting workersquite a difference in the level of motivation at the Internal Revenue Service causing a severe backup in their work.

Avoid IRS Wage Garnishment and File Innocent Spouse Relief

Filing taxes jointly is a whole new ballgame from filing single. Knowing when to file by yourself opposed to with your spouse in entirely up to you – but sometimes there is a financially better way.

Signing a joint income tax return is a big commitment to make because you are now liable not only for yourself but also for any and all of your spouses debt as well. And if they make a simple mistake – you will now be affected by it. This is one easy way IRS wage garnishments occur – from tiny-overlooked mistakes. While it doesn’t always happen, it is good idea to get help from professional tax services if you are not entirely sure about you and your spouse’s taxes. But if you don’t mind taking the chances and you or your spouse bring up errors – you may be qualified to file for Innocent Spouse Relief.

Selling Your Home? Follow IRS Tax Attorney Tips to Save

Are you looking to sell your home anytime soon? Moving away can be very stressful from a tax point of view. But there are a few tips that IRS tax attorney, Tax Tiger, wants you to be aware of when filing your taxes. Keep these tips in mind when filing your taxes after selling your home and making a profit.

Making money from selling your home

If you happen to sell your home and make a profit – you may be able to exclude part or all of the profit from your income. This is only applicable if you have used the home for at least two years prior to the date of sale. You can normally exclude up to $250,000 of the gain from your income.

Avoid $1 Million Bill to IRS – Tax Attorney in Sacramento Says

There is one simple way that you can avoid having to owe the Internal Revenue Service $1,000,000– and that’s by filing a specific form correctly. Businesses that are filling out the 1095 forms for the very first time are required to fill out the Affordable Care Act. If they don’t, their penalty could be the above price. A professional tax attorney in Sacramento has the ability to help you out with your taxes and prevent this from happening to you.

Just this summer, the IRS announced an increase in penalties for failure to file correct information for returns and more. If a business owner were not to carefully fill out the Affordable Care Act and then file after December 31, 2015, they may be looking at a nicely sized bill. Sacramento tax attorney, Tax Tiger, is confident that if you were to be served with this penalty, with a professional’s help you can bring down the overall price.