3 Reasons Why Small Businesses Need a Tax Attorney

While large corporations often have an entire legal department, a small business may only have a lawyer on retainer for the most basic of legal needs. If you find yourself facing a situation with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), then you may need the services of IRS tax lawyers to see you through to the other side.

Reduced Audits
Having IRS tax lawyers working for your small business helps you to set up careful financial systems that might help to reduce your chances of getting audited. The tax attorneys may be able to help you maintain the documentation and records needed if you do get audited.

Sales Tax
If your small business collects sales tax, then having IRS tax lawyers working for you can help to ensure that you stay in compliance with local, state and federal collection requirements. The attorneys can also help you set up payment systems that automatically make your sales tax payments to the correct authorities.

Tax Return Preparation and Management
Managing your small business’s tax returns can be a challenge, especially if you are a new business owner. IRS tax lawyers can help you to review your tax documents on a regular basis to ensure that you are applying the correct deductions and credits for your business’s operating expenses. The lawyers may also be able to assist you in ensuring that you make timely payments to avoid penalties and late fees.


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