Saving Yourself from IRS Wage Garnishments

Tax-related problems are no laughing matter. A misstep in handling problems with the IRS could lead to loss of money and time, or may even land you in jail. At the very least, you could find yourself saddled with wage garnishments, which can be devastating if you’re already living from paycheck to paycheck.

Unfortunately, many people shy away from contesting any tax lien or levies as they are intimidated by the complexities of tax laws and policies. They resort to just letting the IRS wage garnishments play out, which could take years especially if your liability is inversely proportional to your wage.

What Causes Wage Garnishments?

Wage garnishments are usually set when you have outstanding balances on the returns that you have filed or the SFRs (Substitute for Returns) that the IRS files on your behalf if you are remiss in your own filing.

If your wage is being garnished, part of your wages will be deducted automatically by your employer and sent to the IRS every pay period until your balance is paid, or until you find an alternative way of settling the debt. The IRS also has the authority to lift the levy on their own accord.

What if You Don’t Have Any Tax Liabilities or Debts to the IRS?

For many people who get their wages garnished, the right option is to simply settle the debts or wait until the garnishment pays for their liabilities. But there are numerous cases where the tax levy is unwarranted or even a result of the mistake on the IRS’ part. In these cases, your only option is to seek the services of a tax lawyer.

You can contest the levy on your own but you need to keep in mind that tax laws are complex and ever changing, and that court proceedings are a drain on both your health and your finances.

You want to settle your IRS problems fast and with as little conflict as possible. An experienced tax attorney will help you go through the proceedings without disrupting your normal life and even get any unwarranted tax levies lifted.


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